Why Human–Tech?

Our Name

As of July 1, 2022, we are proudly Utah Tech University. We celebrate our past, but our eyes are on the future. We aim to be a regional, comprehensive, polytechnic university that prepares our students for jobs and their roles as citizens.  The humanities and social sciences have never been more important.

Our Mission

Open - Inclusive - Comprehensive - Polytechnic. Those are the pillars of Utah Tech's ambitious new mission.  We seek to meet students where they are, give them exceptional learning opportunities built around active learning, and give them critical job and life skills to move into the workforce and society.


As we embrace our new name and make our mission come to life, Utah Tech's academic leaders agree that a human-centered approach to problem-solving is crucial to our students' success. This means we are fostering interdisciplinary work, innovations in teaching, and scholarship that our faculty bring into the classroom.  In other words, we aim to use the tenets of hundreds of years of liberal arts education to help us build a more just, humane, and productive world.